Tuesday, May 30, 2006

715 and The Veneer Of Honor

Those of you who follow baseball know Barry Bonds hit 715, surpassing Babe Ruth on the homerun docket leaving only the Henry Aaron target. But those who would detract from this milestone need to also train those skeptical and cheat spotting eyes toward the W, Rove and Co, no?

I know what Barry should say to those who suggest his 715th homerun of the season is problematical. "I'm just following my role models in the W, Rove and Co." It's just that the veneer of honor for the republicans is a bit thicker.

Scratch beneath the surface and you find that all that "notoriety" and "gain" washes away with some form of lying or cheating or both. How do we "teach our children well" when potential role models suggest the ends justify the means when the means lack the very basic ingredients such as honor, valor, and integrity?

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