Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meanwhile, The Big Dick Cheney Pops Over For An Interview With A New Favorite Shill

So, Rush gets himself what kind of scoop? If you ask me it's nothing but more poop and propaganda, but you can have a look yourself if you like. Here's one Q on the Q & A to give you a flavor for the fair and balanced nature of Rush's steaming heap:
Q Let me ask you a quick political question, two prongs to it. The Dubai Ports deal, American people spoke out loudly against it, "we don't want any part of it," it got killed. The illegal immigration deal is generating just as much negative response, but the American people are not getting the reaction -- the same reaction from government to that, that they got on the Dubai Ports deal -- a little confused, asking questions, "what's different here, we're still talking security."

Second thing is, Democrats, Mr. Vice President, are, frankly, getting away with being total bystanders and spectators on this. They offer no solution themselves, yet they continue to sit around and criticize the administration and the Republicans over this. Is there a plan to deal with them politically on this?

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isabelita said...

I have a plan for you, you fat piece of merde, Limbaugh: A kill switch for your access to national media.