Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ruckin' Up For The War On War

All Images Copyright Windspike (2006)
As a part of hisBlogiversary, Kvatch is preparing to launch a War on War. I thought I would join in and here's the battalion I managed to purchase at Walgreen’s today. I didn't really want the tanks, but you go to war on war with the Army you can afford, not the Army you wish you could afford. The idea has gotten much bigger it seems, and some folks have gathered together a new blog location for those interested.

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to affix a tag to each of your Kommandos' legs with a snazzy political message. And on the appointed day, 26 May, or somewhere thereabouts, you deposit said troopers in conspicuous locations as you go about your usual business.

Shouldn't be too hard. As we ruck up here, I'll keep you posted as to our troops' readiness and our ability to outfit the boys (as to why there aren't any women in the bunch is a whole other question now isn't it) to the best of our ability.

Blog on, and know that in the War on War there are only winners.

Windspike's Kommandos will be fighting to the death.


Kvatch said...

"Her blogiversary"? The frogette is going to be very saddened to discover that I'm a female. Oh wait, I'm a frog. Maybe I changed sexes last night.

Kvatch said...

OK...and I'm forgetting my manners. Thanks for the links!

windspike said...

Kvatch, I do apologize for the gender bender. I've fixed - er well, I don't know, did I fix the problem?

Kvatch said...

No apology is necessary. :-) I thought it was funny. Put me in the mind of a comment I made some months back at Rex Kramer's..."You're not von of 'zos girlie frogs, are you Kvatch?"

Hey I've been messing with the template over at Army Men Project. Let me know if you think the layout is any easier on the eyes...better organized.