Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Kommandos Deployed: Veni Vidi Vici

Here's a pictoral story of the deployment of our Kommandos fully engaged in the War Against War at this time. Real time action and activity reports should be found at the Kommandos Project location. Fight On All:
Modified Urban deployment vehicle

Our first outpost

Going underground


Tourists are fair game

End of Market Street Outpost

These boys didn't last

Lying in wait to ambush homeward bound ferry passengers

Underneath the boot

The Lonely East Portal Outpost

East Portal Sentries

Guarding the fountain

On the emerald escalator, charge

Defenders of mass transit

Ghandi would have been proud

At the feet of greatness

You never know who you will meet on the subway - he gave me permission to take the pic, btw.

All Images Copyright Windspike (2006)


Anonymous said...

Comments on pics:

1. Um, what's a gay man doing with a stroller You have kids?

2. The gay flag! It figures. vive le queers. It looks ragged. Send out the queer eye for the straight guy team, prepare to be flogged!

3. I saw the cup and realized I need to take a pee. What city is this? It's a cesspool...the picture evokes nastyness and the smell of dampness....vomit and old beer cans. Ugh, how can you live in a city like that?

4. wow, I need to check out the statue. I'm a big fan of art.

5. Good idea, hitting the tourists like that.

6. that looks like venice! I've been there before twice.

7. a tank too? cool. You should pass out small toy planes too, for the kids. No. really. they can read too.

8. more tourist spots. cunningly effective.

9. more statues. good idea to place them there too.

10. blah blah blah...Ghandi.....ok....

The last pic - I gotta admit, I dig the socks. Reminds me of Cherap Trick....What's with the bear though? Is this like, west coast somewhere? You don't see people like him over here.

Overall? As I looked these over, I feel sorry for you guys. You probably feel detatched from America, defeated in your cause, cheated from the election results....Bush in the White House. Bad news, eh?

Well, maybe the war should be over, I hate it too, but we have to fight to keep our democracy alive. I was over there in 1991 for Desert Storm. If terrorism spreads from these Muslim fucks, we're all dead, and pretty soon, if you guys keep on fighting against the way we handle things, we're gonna have suicide bombers over here, trying to destroy the freedoms that we have. That's when I take out my AR-15 rifle, and declare all Muslims as open season.

Peace out. Bottom line, good pics, interesting method of protesting. I might do the same thing but instead will post anti-liberal messages on them.

windspike said...


I detect sarcasm in your Certainly, Desert Storm was more a bonafide war. The Iraqis did invade Kuwait. Unlike this one, there was no cause for going into Iraq, unless you are buying that WMD crapola from the faith-driven rather than fact based leadership called the W, Rove and Co.

I am tempted to delete your comment just for the anti-muslim spew you perpetrate. I happen to know very many people that are muslim and they don't remotely look, think or act like terrorist. However, your AR-15 comment makes me assume that perhaps a little terrorist action is not beneath you.

Let's take a little poll...shall I delete this comment folks, or leave it up as a prime example of what lives on the "reichwing," oop, I mean Rightwing - same difference?

You do whatever it is you like, anon. It's a free country, unless you violate the law or rights of another, unless you are W, Rove or the rest of the Co. They seem to be snaking our rights away while stepping on them and breaking the law in the process, wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

...we're gonna have suicide bombers over here, trying to destroy the freedoms that we have.

Suicide bombers destroying my freedom? You're kidding right? No suicide bomber can take my freedom. All they can do is take my life, and Bush is making that easier for them every damn day. Where there was one bomber, now we have a hunderd...or a thousand. Yup heckuva job there President Neuman.

The only entity trying to take my freedoms away is Bu$hCo (yours too, though you appear loathe to admit it).

Anonymous said...

WS...outstanding photos! I love the formation at the foot of the Ferry Building! Way to go.

PTCruiser said...

Outstanding photos Windspike. it was a great day, wasn't it?

I say you leave the poor brainwashed sap's comment up there for future reference.

dusty said...

Looks like this troll has been busy today!

Lots of Kommandos out..great pics!

I say quash the farker..why should decent people have to see his pathetic bs?..but thats just me.

Anonymous said... was a great day, wasn't it?

I had a blast placing Kommandos at the Federal buildings. Security guards I usually had to sneak up to the entrances in order to tape the little guys to the railings.

glenda said...

Great job, Kommandos. End to the freaking war.

SheaNC said...

Yes, soldier on, brave plastic warriors!