Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy

And so what I really want to share with you is, I understand that there's some uncertainty and worries because of circumstances today, but you've got a President whose -- I've got no doubt in my mind that the world is headed toward peace and that this country is going to remain the economic leader of the world. We just can't lose our confidence. America shouldn't fear the future, because we're going to shape the future.
Can some one explain to me why the president's view about what he should be doing is so completely different than what the American people think he should be doing?

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Anonymous said...

On the link: This is why we worry

Does anyone read this White House stuff? I'd like to see the White House page counters.

After kissing a mile of butt, the President gets down to business:

My job is to do everything I can to protect the American people. And I knew that after the attacks there would be a tendency by people to say, well, maybe that's not a war, maybe that's just an isolated incident. Part of my job, by the way, was to say to the American people, go about your business; create jobs; go to school; raise your families -- let us worry about it in Washington, D.C.

- G W Bush