Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Wondering: Which of the President's Statements Is the Truth?

Just wondering: Which of these statements by W from today's "press availability" should we believe? I know, let us let the President dethrone himself!
If Saddam Hussein were in power today, his regime would be richer, more dangerous and a bigger threat to the region and the civilized world.
...what you're seeing in Iraq could happen all over the world if we don't stand fast and achieve the objective.
Listen, I want our troops out, don't get me wrong. I understand what it means to have troops in harm's way. And I know there's a lot of families making huge sacrifices here in America. I'll be going to a Memorial Day ceremony next Monday paying tribute to those who have lost their life. I'm sure I will see families of the fallen. I fully understand the pressures being placed upon our military and their families. But I also understand that it is vital that we -- that we do the job, that we complete the mission. And it has been tough, it's been really tough, because we're fighting an unconventional enemy that is willing to kill innocent people. There are no rules of war for these people. But make no mistake about it, what you're seeing in Iraq could happen all over the world if we don't stand fast and achieve the objective.
So yes, I can understand why the American people are troubled by the war in Iraq. I understand that. But I also believe the sacrifice is worth it and is necessary, and I believe a free Iraq is not only going to make ourselves more secure, but it's going to serve as a powerful example in the Middle East.
Yes, because he is not dead (or in harms way), nor are any of his family members dead (or in harms way) because of this illegitimate Iraqi Conflagration.

Now here's the kicker. It took me a while to find this statement from the President (stipulated numerous times over the years, particularly when politically advantageous. And it has been regurgitated by the Veep Mr. Big Dick Cheney a number of times as well), but here's where the President gets all tangled up in the reality of the matter- and where making such bold predictions about what might have been or could be are not as unequivocal as he would have us believe:
No one can predict every turn in the months ahead, and I certainly don't expect the process to be trouble-free.
Bingo-another classic case of rhetorical suicide. Which statement should we hold the W to?

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