Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perhaps We Aught Have A Nickname Contest For Tony Snow

I was just mulling over my name for Mr. Tony the Snow-job, and thought after today's briefing that we aught change it to something else, like Tony Snow-slick. But then I thought I would ask you as there are smarter minds out there in the blogisphere than mine.

Here are the two passages that I read that caused me to re-think this:
MR. SNOW: Okay, let's begin. Welcome, one and all. Good afternoon. For those of you who weren't here, we have coined the term "bupkes list" for items that the Press Secretary may not have had complete and full answers for during the gaggle. So, in response to this morning's bupkes list, who is --

Q How do you spell "bupkes"?

MR. SNOW: Bupkus -- b-u-p-k-u-s.

Q Yiddish.

Q E-s...

MR. SNOW: Thank you, corrected, e-s.
...Q Tony, thank you. I'll try to not to chirp. The Post said I chirped yesterday. On Somalia, is the United States working with warlords? Does the United States -- does the Bush administration consider the Somalia government to be responsible for specific genocide against African Christians in Darfur?

MR. SNOW: I'm going to be very precise about this, and I will give you -- because this is one of these things where I want to be careful how I parse it. First, the President has said that his primary responsibility as Commander-in-Chief is to keep the American people safe. That's a solemn task. The second thing is, you've got instability in Somalia right now, and there is concern about the presence of foreign terrorists, particularly al Qaeda, within Somalia right now. In an environment of instability, as we've seen in the past, al Qaeda may take root. And we want to make sure that al Qaeda does not, in fact, establish a beachhead in Somalia.

Now, the problem we've seen before in ungoverned -- these are problems that we've seen in other ungoverned regions in the past. The terrorists are going to seek to take advantage of the environment and use that kind of chaos in order to put together camps and, therefore, mount operations around the world. The United States -- we will continue to work with regional and international partners wherever we can to crack down on terrorism, and also to try to prevent its rising.

In the long run, the answer to your concerns is an effective, functional government of Somalia, which, obviously, we do not at the moment have. The United States strongly supports the transitional federal institutions in Somalia because they are trying to re-establish a functioning central government within Somalia that can bring the Somali people out of the period of civil conflict. As I said, I am going to be very careful with the way I say it, and I will say no more.
So, with out further ado, let's roll this out:

Windspike's Nickname The Presidential Spokesmodel Contest
  • If you were to pick a new nickname for the new presidential spokesmodel, Tony Snow, what would it be and why?

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