Friday, May 19, 2006

Building Descrimination Into The Constitution

Sounds like the repubs are fully on board with the irrational fear of gays and gay marriage:
Q After the vote yesterday on the gay marriage amendment, does the President consider this a priority and would he urge the Hill to move forward on this?

MR. SNOW: He supports it; I don't know whether you want to get into priorities. You know, if I get into the business of prioritizing, I think what you'll let the Hill do, is that they schedule their votes, they schedule their debates, but the President does support the amendment...

...Q Following on the marriage amendment, when the President was running for reelection, at every stop he was talking about his commitment to family and to marriage, the sanctity of marriage.

MR. SNOW: Right.

Q Yet far and few between times since he's been reelected does he talk about it unprompted, except for occasions like at the RNC speech the other night, where it was a political speech. I'm just trying to gauge what the level of commitment the President has for this amendment?

MR. SNOW: Again, a question like level of commitment, or the President's concern, those try to -- I don't have a yardstick for that -- I can't say, six on a scale of 10. So it's in many ways an unanswerable question, except for this: The President has been consistent. He says he believes marriage is -- he wants to defend marriage as an institution and protect it, an institution that involves a man and a woman. I don't think he could be any more clear about that, and that he supported the measure before Congress. There are a lot of things going on, and he will talk about a lot of things.
Still waiting for the secular answer as to what is it about heterosexual marriage that requires federal protection. Any one...any one...

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Anonymous said...

We need a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage between a man and a woman because ...

Okay, I'll bite. Because without it, 'Saturday Night, Live' would need more original material? Tony Snow is on Jay Leno's payroll? Letterman has something on Laura? The Bush girls are dating chimps?