Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Wailing about Walmart is noise about the human condition

...according to my father. Interesting bit from his latest anonymous Email:

"Walmart is exploiting people who, without Walmart, would have no job. ''Work is hard, no work is harder.'' - Greek aphorism.

Wailing about Walmart is noise about the human condition. Every job is competitive, bottom to top. No one is secure, even if you own the business. What is shameful is when gov't piles on, extracting an excess of Social Security dollars and using them to (ha!) balance the budget while giving tax breaks to the rich. Some things are over the top.

''The exploitation of the working poor is now central to the business strategy favored by America's most powerful and, by some criteria, most successful corporation. With the re-election of a president as enamored of corporate power as George W. Bush, there is every prospect that this strategy and its harsh practices will continue to spread throughout the economy.''

''Every prospect ...?'' This is the way the world works.

Retailing is a tough business. Like banks, their gross numbers are based on dollar traffic passing _through_ the business. There's no comparison possible between Walmart's gross and IBM or GM, the latter two actually make things. Walmart as ''biggest'' company in the world? Bullbleep.

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