Thursday, December 02, 2004

How'sabout some Jet fuel for breakfast son?

Imagine if you will, a scene from the American breakfast table...

Dad -"Hey Junior, I got some nice organic cereal for your breakfast this AM. How'sabout we add a little jet fuel this time so you can make it through the morning school blues?"

Junior - "No thanks dad, I can't get that spoon in my mouth aound the cancerous tumor anyway. How'sabout you just intravenous me some hexavalent chromium, that stuff pumps me up and gets me ready for beating up some of the bullies on the playground."

Dad - "Okay, and while we are at it, lets get your testosterone injection in ASAP. I want you primed to win that scholarship to State and maybe, if you get your batting average up past .400, you can skip all that school nonesense altogehter and get a nice fat contract to play in the Bigs and keep me in beer and potato chips until my "lazy-boy" wears out."

Junior - "Cool dad, I'm on it. I got the needle right here."

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