Wednesday, December 29, 2004

This just in from my Brother in Iraq

I sent my brother a happy new year's email wish and asked him how it was going. Looks like the push into Fallujah has done some good.

Here's his email reply:

Things are going well on this end. Besides the temp cooling, so have
the base attacks. Our multiple base attacks per day have slowed to an
attack every few days. We saw a big decline in attacks after the big
Fallujah offensive.

Looks like I will probably be heading home sometime towards the end of
January. It would be nice if I could get home before my son's birthday,
but the chances of that happening seem small.

Well I'm glad to hear the our families aren't the only ones
inundated with massive toy amounts. Sometimes I think it would be
better to skip all the gifts and spend the $$$ on a vacation/trip
somewhere fun instead. Old China is making out big time in the toy
department. The last time I looked, all the kid's toys were from

So much for the American toy manufactures. Then again, the US toy
companies are probably doing well, but there are probably a lot fewer

It sounds like you guys had a good Christmas. I hope you guys
have a great New Years too.

Take care for now,

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