Thursday, December 30, 2004

More of what qualifies as fun in the Baghdad area

This just in from my brother as he was out and about doing his job in the Baghdad Area. I was going to post the pic with the people in it, but it showed a close up (too close) of my Bro, and I don't want his pic plastered about the web as a potential target:

"The guys in the photo were probably sad because their car just got
blown up by the AIF (bad guys). One of the cars was parked behind a house
that housed a large family with kids. The other house with the red car
belonged to one of the guys in the photo. His car was toast and his
house sustained a little bit of damage. Both targets lived within a
1/4 of a mile from each other. One guy was an Iraqi Police officer. The
other is an Iraqi National Guard. The bad guys hit them to scare them
and to send a message. The devices were not that big and both targets
were inside their homes when their cars went up. I can't imagine what
is going through the family's mind. I'm sure it shook them up.

Here we are trying to rebuild the infrastructure and a minority of
Iraqis and the insurgents are trying to dismantle it. The majority of
the folks here just want to get back to a somewhat normal life.
Unfortunately, they are caught in the middle.

Take care and pass a big hello to the family for me.

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