Friday, December 03, 2004

Rock City hits it right on the button

I was surfing the usual locations as the boys napped and found that Rock City really nailed the situation today, commenting on yet another banal Weekly Standard article. Rock City dishes on the latest diatribe against liberals by the right swinging dicks in the media.


...The truth is, middle Americans, for the most part, are duped by Republicans who pander to their ignorance. These people want to kick terrorist ass, have low taxes, buy big and cheap, eat fat, not think too much, believe Jesus and America protects them, and avoid people, things, and information that confuses them. So when Wisecup argues that Dems lost the marketing competition, well, he's right. Now, while I refer to middle-America as ignorant, I don't mean they're bad people or that I'm a better person. That's not the point. The point is the Dems actually made the mistake of assuming a majority of Americans were aware enough to deal with reality. The Republicans won because they knew better. They've cornered the market on ignorant folk, marketing relentlessly that liberals think they're better people, want to take their money and give it to lazy people, hold bible and flag burning bonfire parties, will make your kids catch gay, and support Saddam Hussein. I actually think that exposes a deep disdain for middle-America. You would have to carry a severe lack of respect for these people in order to exploit their fears so effectively....

End Slice.

I say rock on Rock City!

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thanks buddy. - rock city