Thursday, December 02, 2004

Scary Vanity, Fair?

Humm, found this article today hinting that perhaps our Governator might make a real run for the presidency....hence the need for changing the constitution to allow people born on soil outside of the US to run legitimately.

Check out this slice:

You can't buy publicity like this," said public relations consultant Sam Singer. "This is the governor of California with Maria Shriver in a Hollywood setting, but it's very serious... It really leads him on a path to potentially becoming the president of the United States...

These are the types of news stories that change people opinion." Singer has run many campaigns himself. "Vanity Fair is read by serious political decision makers," Singer said. "It's also read by the social set. It's also read by people who donate funds to campaigns."

End of slice:

Okay, I thought the real leaders of our country would be reading something other/better than Vanity Fair? You think GWB and the rest of the bushies read magazines that publish barely dressed and sometimes naked (a la Demi Moore) women ? What about his strict set of "Christian" morals? I'll bet that since they are used to being chaste except while married, they don't bother with it, and more likely flip fervantly through their free mailings of the Victoria Secret catalogs - what I call, "the poor man's playboy." And after satisfying themselves with a solid purusal, make decisions to send more troops to the front.....

Humm....this turns me to another point. Why did Clinton get impeached for havcing sex? So what that it was an intern and it was extramarital. I would prefer to have my politicians, particularly the leader of the free world sexually satisified, however they can get it. At least then I would know that they were less inclined to take action becuase they were frustrated or stuck in a chilly sexual atmosphere. Do you think George Bush is sexually satisfied? I don't decide.

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