Friday, December 10, 2004

Barlow getting spanked by The Man

I had been back to John Barlow's web page a number of times after the election to see his take on the whole boondogle and been dissapointed. With today's post, I now understand what has been occupying his time.

Now our man Barlow is going to lock horns with The Man and hopefully come out a winner. The TSA, overstepped its legal search for what reason? So as to yank another thread to the fabric of our Constitutional Rights out from under out noses, neath the smoke and mirrors that the "Patriots" in the Bushites administration use to offend the very people they profess to protect.

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Anonymous said...

Barlow's problem is our problem. Copy his text and FAX it to your Congressman. FAX is the only way you can reach them. They don't receive snailmail because they're afraid of anthrax. Email, they get tons, your message will be buried.