Monday, December 20, 2004

No tears shed for Rumsfeld - The once and future scapegoat for all Iraqi ills

No surprise, Bush supports Rummy. "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." No doubt, Bush isn't so sure he needs a scapegoat now, but he is doin' his darndest to be sure to establish at least one willing fallguy (Rummy?) to trott out to the gallows and leave swinging so flush the Bushhole clean.

Any guesses how many more troops and Iraqis need perish before they hang Rumsfeld in front of the adoring and cheering republican masses (equiped with rotten tomatoes supplied by our tax dollars)?

You have got to know, Rummy, if he knows it or not, is going to be the one tried for war crimes. Not Bush. Bush will get off with not so much as a scratch from the dollar bills stuffed up his nose used to snort candy from the corporate whores he calls friends (gee, what's happened to Kenny Boy Lay so far, anyway?)....

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windspike said...

Looks like I beat Patrick Bucanan to the punch on the scape goating topic. He posted on 22 Dec, mine was posted 20 Dec: