Friday, December 24, 2004

Visa Co. will be foreclosing on our souls and values at Christmas

I've been thinking about it for a while. It is too bad, Visa and the other major credit lenders were not publicly traded (at least to my knowledge). Like Capt. Kirk in "A Piece of the Action," we want our cut. Unfortunately, we are overtly and covertly getting drubbed fiscally by such agencies.

These types of capitalists are perhaps the biggest of the big Capitalist Pigs rooting around for a penny here and a penny there, and then really making a killing when the credit addicts go over their limits, forgo a months payment, or simply just pay the minimum balances.

As US Citizens ratchet up their personal debt beyond comprehension in this holiday seasion, our values and souls get foreclosed as we forget what the Holiday Season really should be about.

Put down that gift, and connect with the people you are with this year. As you can tell from my posting "From bad to worse," life is short...and sometimes shorter. The gift of the highest value is that of one's time - it can be given freely and never gotten back. Think about that the next time you are surrounded by a group of people (at work or elsewhere) you complain about.

There is an interesting web location designed to calculate the cost of interest when you borrow cash. Yes, it is a plain vanilla wrapped location, but could come in handy when you are thinking about calculating the real cost of that item you thought you really needed, but only really wanted...

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Anonymous said...

''Jointly owned by more than 21,000 member financial institutions around the globe, Visa'' - from their website.

Users are bought and sold between the members, and serviced by different members. Users are branded by card. Something like 40% of users are ''freeloaders,'' people who pay their bills in full every month.