Friday, December 10, 2004

Another Rat Jumps before getting on board the sinking Bush-ship

Well, looks like it is easy for the bushites to find friends with similar or the same ethics to appoint, but they won't live up to the standards we should hold them to.


President Bush (news - web sites)'s pick to become homeland security secretary, former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik, abruptly withdrew his nomination for the job on Friday night.

The move came after news organizations raised some potential problems about Kerik, including his profitable membership on the board of Taser International, the stun-gun maker.

In addition, The New York Times said that in 2002, he paid a fine for using a police sergeant and two detectives to research his autobiography.

End slice:

Wondering how the rightwing blogset will spin this one...No doubt they will find a way to turn blame away from the actual culprits.

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Anonymous said...

Translation of George W. Bush's Presidential Medal of Freedom PresentationTommy Franks, George Tenet, and Paul Bremer join Martin Luther King and the Pope as the newest inductees into this exclusive club.

Bush said at a White House ceremony that the men "made our country more secure and advanced the cause of human liberty."

Praising each as a man of "exceptional merit, integrity and achievement," Bush said the country owes them its gratitude for service in defense of the nation.

Bernie will get a Medal of Freedom next year for having stepped aside.

Does the medal come with complimentary cash or drinks?