Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One Thousand Dead Soldiers

...and counting. I still say the ROI does not validate this Iraq war. And more atrocities occur as regular embarassment to the men and women in the military that do outstanding work.

Slice from Get-mo:

In one incident, a soldier reportedly bent a prisoner's thumbs back and "grabbed his genitals." In another, an FBI agent saw a detainee "gagged with duct tape" for refusing to stop chanting from the Koran.

End slice.

We may be winning the war on the ground, and that is debatable, but we are losing the hearts and minds of some very credible allies at home and abroad:

Evidence 1 , 2 - See articles by Kate Tiskus & Atty Garnett, 3

And the list goes on - not to mention those countries that had lost faith in the USA long ago....

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