Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Windspike's Wednesday Pre-Presidential Planning Announcement Question Du Jour

I was surfing about my blog roll, as I am want to do from time to time, and this question popped into my brain and thought I would pose it here:
When the new Iraq counterinsurgency plans run counter to the original W, Rove and Co plan of action, does that not counter the notion that the plan to begin with was a winning strategy?


SheaNC said...

Only if you know that they know what you know that they know. Under those conditions, they can do what they didn't do when they did what they're going to do, to a lesser degree, only more of it.

After six years, it all makes sense...

pissed off patricia said...


I think sheanc is really Donald Rumsfeld


Anonymous said...

Too--ma-ny--negatives! [BAM] (My head just exploded.) Wonder if that's what'll happen tonight to Georgie, as he swallows his words of the effectiveness of the WoT.

Anonymous said...

Leading No One Nowhere

''Today, George 'Monologue Not Dialog' Bush is likely scrambling to get his shadow to follow him to the corner.''