Sunday, January 28, 2007

When Laughter Is Not The Best Medicine

The Whitehouse web location reveals that The Big Dick Cheney just gave yet another interview to the MSM.

Here's another window into the soul of Cheney and the whole of the W, Rove and Co. Too bad the Newsweek reporter didn't go after him with some Helen Thomas style questions.

Even so, I think that Cheney's answers give us a broad sense that this man only really cares for himself and his friends.

Have a look:
Q So you don't think Senator Hagel -- and now you dodged completely responding to his comments -- but they're not helpful to the cause and to the mission?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Let's say I believe firmly in Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican. But it's very hard sometimes to adhere to that where Chuck Hagel is involved.

Oh, and if you think this is an administration that will take care of the messes they made, guess again. Regarding Iraq:
It's a problem that I. think will occupy our successors maybe for two or three or four administrations to come
Well, that's just fine and dandy. This Iraq mess has cost us over a trillion dollars in debt to China - a hidden tax on future generations.

But of course, The Big Dick Cheney is going to want to hide behind Nine Eleven and flog that monkey one more time:
...There might have been a time when we could retreat behind our oceans and feel safe and secure and not worry about what was happening in other parts of the globe. But that day passed on 9/11....
Excuse me, but when we have caused more innocent Iraqi Civilian deaths than the Nine Eleven terrorists - who are mostly dead, except for OBL, btw - we lose that marker to the house as a justification to prove the need to proceed in the wrong direction. But The Big Dick has been playing those same cards for a great long while, so he is going to be reluctant to fold the bad Iraqi hand.

What do you think of our Vice President?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: -- or the newspapers. If you've been around -- by the time I leave here, it will have been over 40 years since I arrived in Washington, and I've been praised when I didn't deserve it, and probably criticized when I didn't deserve it. And there aren't enough hours in the day for me to spend a lot of time worrying about my image....
The converse is true as well, Mr. Veep. No?

But here's an interesting dodge:
Q One other question. Bob Woodward reported that President Ford thought you had justified the war wrongly, and that he agreed with Colin Powell that you developed a fever, I think was the word, about Saddam Hussein, about terrorism. Did you feel that was accurate? Did it surprise you?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I've never heard that from anybody but Bob Woodward.
President Ford was simply posthumously joining a growing list of people that don't think this Iraq thing is correct, proper, or being executed well:
Q And other comments that -- criticism from Scowcroft about not knowing you anymore -- people have got quite personal, people you worked with before. You wouldn't be human if it didn't have some reaction.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm Vice President and they're not. (Laughter.) ...
The laughter speaks volumes to me. What say you blogisphere?

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Anonymous said...

Windmills 1: Cheney 0

Cheney: [O]n the broader basis against al Qaeda, against the threat that's represented by the extreme elements of Islam on a global basis now is going to go on for a long time. And it's not something that's going to end decisively, and there's not going to be a day when we can say, there, now we have a treaty, problem solved. It's a problem that I think will occupy our successors maybe for two or three or four administrations to come.

It is an existential conflict. It is, in fact, about the future of civilization on large parts of the globe ...

Megalomaniacs unite: the USA is the only country concerned about 'the future of civilization.' It's up to the USA to save the world.