Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Looks Like Some Of The GOP Are Finally Comin' To Jesus re: Iraq Suggesting "There Is No Plan!"

While many of us have been saying this a great long while, looks like some of the GOP faithful are finally setting aside the W, Rove and Co crack pipe and suggesting the emperor is indeed naked.

This is rather interesting from Republican Senator Chuck Hagel:
Looks like "trust us," just ain't goin' to work for the W, Rove and Co much longer.


Kvatch said...

Damn! That was ballsy.

Anonymous said...

Is it already time to run for election again, eh?

sumo said...

I'm with Fred...where was he with that thought last year...elections do have some magical power of thought it seems.

Praguetwin said...

Hagel has been pretty voiciferous for quite some time, but he is gettting louder.