Sunday, January 21, 2007

Americans: "As Stupid As The Russians?"

With more American GIs spilling their blood in the sand for no real justifiable reason, one wonders why we are not winning this "global war on terror."

I found a very interesting article in today's Sunday paper. Here are three paragraphs that may answer the above question.

Have a look:
...The fighters are confident about the conflict's outcome. "The American troops move slowly, they carry pounds of body armor and equipment," Hamid said. "You can't win if you can't move on these mountains. Their helicopters are the only real danger for us, but we have learned how to hit them, even without Stingers..."
Didn't David conquer Goliath with a simple stone and sling?
..."You must understand," Musa Khan said, "that one Arab is worth 10 Afghans in terms of religious zeal. They truly hate the West and all Westerners, without exception. They would never allow the press on these mountains. They are not fighting our war, but their own personal jihad. Protecting their own people and achieving martyrdom are their first priority..."
When the W, Rove and Co. suggests that we are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here, really, we are fighting wealthy Saudis who would rather die than surrender. Shall we nuke Saudi Arabia along with Iraq and Afghanistan to solve this problem?
..."It's just a matter of how many corpses the American public will need before realizing that 'Enduring Freedom' was definitely a bad idea. It took 10 years for the Russians, and you are already halfway through. Do you really want to be as stupid as the Russians?"
In five years, when we are still stuck in this quagmire, will we be considered as stupid as the Russians? Perhaps, perhaps...


Anonymous said...

Heh. And here all this time I've been operating under the notion that the Russians, or Soviets, as they were known as for so long, were superior strategists, master chessmen. That's what my dear old dad used to say, in addition to saying the Russkis were Oriental, and consequently had no regard for human life. (Unlike us good old Amurkans! Well, at least the US valued WHITE lives.)
As if this is something revelatory: We are so fucked, via our moronic venal greedy pieces of shit leaders.

Anonymous said...

A man, a plan, been in the sand

Mr. President,

I am a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. I enlisted shortly after September 11th, 2001, eager to fight those who attacked my homeland. I have since lost faith in both you and your War on Terror. Judging from public opinion polls and November's election, many other Americans have, as well.

You have asked for better ideas on how to win in Iraq. I believe I have one....

Read on and don't miss the comment from uh1charlie.