Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Truth Is A Slippery Beast

Truth is
A slippery beast
Slave to perception

Minus perception’s laces
It’s dangerous
To seek

Will it
Set you free or
Kill you first

Some may argue
That truth
Is the key, but

Truth is
More than the
Pathway to freedom

It is
The backdoor
Home to power

Be wary of
Those who would

The truth
And substitute
Their own reality

In turn becomes
The new and only truth


pissed off patricia said...

Did you write this? It's very good. Truth is something this administration seems to have liberated and driven away.

windspike said...

PoP - thanks for your kind words. Yes, this is my original work. Been teasing it out for a while. i find the best way to test the worth of prose is to post it. See how long it sticks and how many hits it gets.

Blog on.

Anonymous said...

The truth
And substitute
Their own reality

This is why I refer to Bush as "The Great Confabulator".

Very good stuff there WS!

Enlightenment said...

Good Poem. Regarding them "substitut[ing] their own reality" you hit the nail right on the head. Beware of those who would try to have you believe that physics is a changeable thing, that the law of probability is meaningless and who go out of their way to avoid the all-important question: "Who benefits?"

windspike said...

thanks for the comment and Enlightenment. Follow the money and you shall find the path to who benefits.