Friday, January 05, 2007

Here's A Disturbing Statistic

Nary a concern peeped out of the W, Rove and Co about a very disturbing ratio. Both the numerator and the denomenator are troubling, no?

THE NEW YEAR brought with it the 3,000th American death in Iraq. But what's equally alarming — and far less well known — is that for every fatality in Iraq, there are 16 injuries. That's an unprecedented casualty level. In the Vietnam and Korean wars, by contrast, there were fewer than three people wounded for each fatality. In World Wars I and II, there were less than two.


Anonymous said...

"No?" Yes! I wonder how it compares to Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Call it a 'Partial death' abortion

War is when the living envy the dead. The increased casualty ratio means that more of the severely injured now live who would have died in previous conflicts.

We who sent them will be judged.

Anonymous said...


Quite a comment from "anon."

But I agree. Those who have limbs blown off today are living to tell about their tragedy. In wars gone by, they would have simply bled to death.

It is a disgusting truth that we will have to answer for.