Friday, January 05, 2007

Does The W, Rove and Co Know What Direction Is The Proper "Way Forward?"

With all this talk about a "new way forward," and the President turning out the folks who have gotten us thus far, can we trust that the W, Rove and Co knows how to get us out of the Iraq mess that they got us into in the first place?

have a look at this reply from Friday's Whitehouse Press briefing and see if you think the W, Rove and Co has a firm handle on the Iraqi Bull or are we going to be eaten alive by the Bedouin camel?
Q Tony, Senator Reid this afternoon said that the President needs to hear from people who tell him something that he wants to hear; obviously Generals Abizaid and Casey are not telling him what he wants to hear, and they're out. Can you respond to that?

MR. SNOW: That's inaccurate. That's just flat inaccurate. General Casey is now going to be the Chairman -- I mean, he's going to be the Army Chief, the Chief of Staff for the United States Army. General Abizaid is somebody whose counsel we will continue to value and will listen to.

What you do have is a situation where, as you develop a new way forward, you had the situation in which you also had a couple of guys whose billets were going to come up within a period of time. And the answer is, once you're started on a new way forward, do you change then, or do you change now? And it makes sense to go ahead and make sure that you're going to have your command team that is going to be in place as you're working on this new way forward and enacting it. And I think there's -- he has found very able and capable individuals. Secretary Gates and the President are very happy with the people they are now going to be proposing.
"You're doin' a heckuva job" is not the accolade I'd like the president to hoist upon me, given the track record of folks he's fed that line.

Have they got a real clue how to get us out of this mess is a legit question. Even more revealing is this: Do you trust the W, Rove and Co to lead us out of the Iraq conflagration they started?
Q Has he nailed down which way he's going?

MR. SNOW: Not entirely. If he had, we wouldn't be doing consultations. Again, the President has some notions about where he wants to end up, but he's made it clear to everybody he has not made a final decision. And you often hear him and others referring to it in the course of meetings.
Is the man lost? He needs a new compass (of the real and moral variety).

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Anonymous said...

Questions the President won't answer any time soon

1. When is the Iraqi government going to institute an Army draft?

Oil is virtually Iraq's only business. No one needs all the available unemployed in Iraq to run an oil welfare state. Saddam attempted to solve the problem of unemployment by recruiting for the military. Does the Iraqi government have another, better solution? any solution?

2. When is the Iraqi Army going to start training itself?

If they can't learn by example the Iraqi Army will never be able to bootstrap itself and the enterprise is hopeless.