Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How Small We Are: Windspike's Wednesday Surfing Diversion

Maverick’s this time of year gets big. Reminds us how small we are.

Enjoy the trailer for 100ft Wednesday DVD put out by

When you ask a Mav’s rider what they eat for breakfast, no doubt the answer is nails mixed with sea salt, followed by a briny cocktail chaser.

Btw, if you search on Youtube or some other video provider, you will find large quantities of other Mav's shots. Here's one for fun:

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isabelita said...

When I was a ten year old wannabe surfer girl in NW Ohio, where there ain't NEVER no surf up, believe you me, I watched all those surfing championships on TV and pined for waves. Finally got to do body surfing on a New Jersey beach one summer, and learned how a little four foot wave can bury you in the sand.
But I still watch those clips and nature shows about waves, and get chills.