Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why Do You Suppose GW Fired His Lawyer?

With all the fuss and hoopla in the form of praise and support raised by the W, Rove and Co. during the supreme court nomination revolving around Harriet Meyers, why do you think she's taking leave (as in probably getting the boot)?
MR. SNOW: Hello. A couple of business items before I take your questions.

As you now know from wire reports, Harriet Miers has tendered her resignation as White House Legal Counsel, effective the 31st of this month. She informed the President yesterday, and he has regretfully accepted her resignation. We have copies of her letter available in lower press if you need to get copies.

Q Why is she leaving?

MR. SNOW: She's been here for six years. It's hard duty. Yes, it really is.
No Shit. Being legal counsel for GWB has to be like an ethical rollercoaster ride to Hell with no return ticket paid for.

Let's see how deep a pile of manure Tony the Snow job shovels during Thursday's Whitehouse Press Washing of the news:
Q So have some other people.

MR. SNOW: I know. Well, as I told you guys, one of the things that -- look, Harriet is a very special person in this White House. She is beloved not only because she is a really good human being, she's an extraordinarily wonderful human being, but also somebody who is a very careful and scrupulous lawyer, a ferocious defender of the Constitution, and somebody who was also deeply loyal to the President, and just somebody who is a delight to work with. So it is one of these things where everybody really -- it's very bittersweet, and you can get that from the tenure of the -- tenor of her note. She has decided that it's time to move on. She and Josh Bolten have had a series of conversations in recent days about this, and she made her decision yesterday.

Harriet, with great regret, and a lot of people are going to miss her -- we are fortunate that she's going to be around until the end of the month. We do not have a successor. The search is, obviously, on. And one of the things that she has cited -- she told senior staff today that she wants to stay around until the 31st to make sure that she can do everything in her power to make sure that the transition within the office is smooth.

Let me also add, I have nothing further to add today in the way of personnel announcements. No details. And for those who are speculating about any others within the White House proper, I am aware of none and expect none. So just trying to take care of those questions before they arise.
You know what they say about lawyers that can be described as "scrupulous?"

Well...I'll let you fill in the punch line for your version of that quip.

Q Is it White House burnout? Is that what you're just clearly saying, White House burnout, after six years?

MR. SNOW: No, I'm just -- I'm not going to do a shorthand for it. I just think, again, Harriet has decided it's time to move on. And I'll let you -- her letter is pretty eloquent, and I'll let you read it. And if you have further questions, call me on it.
So, is this another rat jumping the ship or this a termination by any other euphemism?

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