Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are We Comparing Apples To Oranges Or Can We Contrast Civilians Killed By Saddam To Civilians Killed Since George W. Bush's Invasion Of Iraq?

Well, I'm certain that by posting this, some will suggest I'm comparing apples to oranges, but what the heck; here it goes.

When asked, Thursday, about his personal reaction to the taunting of Saddam on the gallows here's what the W said:
Q Sir, do you have a personal reaction, though --

PRESIDENT BUSH: My personal reaction is, is that Saddam Hussein was given a trial that he was unwilling to give the thousands of people he killed. He was given a fair trial -- something he was unwilling to give thousands of Iraqi citizens, who he brutalized. I wish, obviously, that the proceedings had been done in a more dignified way. But, nevertheless, he was given justice; the thousands of people he killed were not.
My next question would have been, were I the reporter:
  • Q Mr. President. You suggest that Saddam never gave justice to the people he killed. Why do you not hold yourself to that same standard in regards to the number of Iraqi civilians that have been killed by American weapons and caused by your war in Iraq? Moreover, do you feel that you should receive the same punishment?

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