Friday, October 06, 2006

A Weapon In Every Classroom: Leaving No Child Unharmed

I've heard some really wacky ideas in the past, but this one has to top the list for today. Aparently, some one is suggesting that we put a gun in every classroom within arms reach of every teacher.

If you ask me, that would put just about every unruly child in jeapordy as the cause for some teacher going postal on an entire classroom simply because they can't handle the discipline of some rotten kids. On the other hand, it might make disciplining children that are unchecked by their parents a lot easier.
Q And on the Second Amendment, I didn't hear whether you were actually asked, a member of Congress would like to provide for arming some teachers in schools. Does the President think that sounds like a promising path forward?

MS. PERINO: That is also something I have not asked the President. It's not something I've heard come up, in terms of conversations. So I would let the congressman -- whoever it was that said that -- to sort of explain his reasoning on that.

How about we keep nut jobs with guns out of our classrooms. Sounds like a less hazardous fix to me.


REB 84 said...

Thanks for sharing your poetry. Here is one of mine.

Feeling worn out and shattered,
the Widow views his grave.
Her husband died in battle.
In a distant land they found him,
battered, beaten, and dead.
He fought for politicians
who never fight their own wars.
To his country,
his life he gave.
Now his widow has his medals,
distant memories, and a grave.


REB 84 said...


This arming teachers is a bizarre recommendation.

BTW - I have had the prose bug for years. The following is in memory of all cilivian war dead.

Collateral Damage

Outside, the Bombs Explode Loudly!

Inside, I stroke your hair so softly.

Go ahead and cry.
Now hug me.

This is our last kiss...


Anonymous said...

Logic and Clausewitz dictate

The attacker chooses the time, place, and weight of the attack.

Suffice it to say that an attacker always arrives with sufficient force to overcome local resistance.

A policeman in the school? an armed teacher? they're dead men.