Monday, October 30, 2006

The Iraq ROI: Is It Worth The Outlay?

In business, companies measure the worth of a particular investment by examining the return on investment (ROI). I have a few questions, in light of today's tragic tally of 1010American's KIA in Iraq during the month of October (and October is not over yet).

  1. Is the ROI worth the outlay?

  2. If so, what is that return?

  3. And, why is it worth it?

  4. If you had it to do it all over again, would you make the same investment?

I've been arguing for a great long while that the Iraq conflagration is indeed not and never has been worth the outlay (counted in taxpayer dollars exhausted, bodies KIA, and wounded, etc...). I need some help understanding how any one can justify the great expense. Can some one from the other side explain why the war in Iraq is worth the outlay?


Anonymous said...

Well...we do love winners in this country, after all. And with Iraq...

Big Oil wins
The military industrial complex wins
Halliburton wins

That's a lot of winners! (Ow, my tongue is hurting my cheek.) Gonna post on this myself later today.

isabelita said...

Why, just lookit all that Value Added they're getting out of it!