Saturday, October 14, 2006

Boots On The Ground = Al Queda Recruiting Tool

Have you ever wonder there is such disdain for the West in many of the world's Muslims?

Have you ever wonder why the Middle East seems like some kind of twilight zone, terrorist-whack-a-mole episode; kill one and seven more pop up?

Well, maybe a GI who has been there can shed some light on the reasons why this "ideological struggle of the 21st century" may not be smartly conducted any longer in Iraq.

Have a look:
He said he saw American soldiers shoot and kill an unarmed Iraqi teenager, and rode in an Army Humvee that sideswiped Iraqi cars and shot an old man’s sheep for fun — both incidents Sergeant Clousing reported to superiors. He said his work as an interrogator led him to conclude that the occupation was creating a cycle of anti-American resentment and violence.

...Arriving in Iraq in November 2004, he said he was stunned at the number of Iraqis he was assigned to interrogate who were either innocent or disgruntled citizens resentful about the American occupation. He said he told his commander: “Your soldiers and the way they’re behaving are creating the insurgency you’re trying to fight. It’s a cycle. You don’t see it, but I’m talking to the people you’re bringing to me.”

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sumo said...

I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore...we set criminals in place to deal with these people...and it didn't even need to happen. I'm sure they wish Saddam was in power.