Friday, October 20, 2006

Condi, Your Political Freudian Slip Is Showing

Have a look at this exchange from Friday's Whitehouse press briefing and let me know what you think:
Q One network, WorldNetDaily, quotes two newspapers, AgapePress and The Washington Blade, reporting that at the swearing in of Mark Dybul as an AIDS Ambassador, Secretary of State Rice referred to the mother of a gay partner as, mother-in-law. And my question: How does this adhere to the President's belief in policy that marriage is between one man and one woman?

MR. SNOW: The Secretary said what she said, and she was showing due deference to the people involved.

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isabelita said...

Hmm. Perhpas Madame Secretary is in the glass closet herself. Gawd, who knows with this dysfunctional lot.
'spike, do you ever look at Princess Sparkle Pony's blog? It gives one a good chuckle whilst learning what Condizilla has been up to, jetting around for her photo ops.