Monday, October 16, 2006

A Quick Political Question

Should Whitehouse press secretaries be involved in political stumping and fundraising for people in their party? Why or why not?
*As of today, Mr. Snow has participated or is scheduled to participate in a total of 20 political events: 17 fundraisers and three get-out-the-vote events. More events could be added before the midterm election.

Oh, btw, here's a glimpse of the things Tony likes to share with people who pay to see him speechify:
“Yesterday,” Mr. Snow declared, “I was in the Oval Office with the president ——”

He cut himself off, took a perfectly calibrated three-second pause and switched into an aw-shucks voice for dramatic effect: “I just looove saying that! Yeaaah, I was in the Oval Office. Just meeee and the president. Nooooobody else.” The crowd lapped it up.
Aw, shucks Tony, you must be better than the rest of us fershure.


Kvatch said...

I think that Tony should do as many fundraising events as he can manage. First, he really is no different than any other hack in Bu$hCo. Being the Press Secretary isn't some kind of special position. Second, he's an inarticulate lout who does his party no favors by being on the fundraising circuit. So...yay for our side!

sumo said...

Okay...they were alone...what did they do? What did they talk about? If I were them...I wouldn't brag about two republican guys being alone for an extended length of time...(cough) just doesn't look good after all the bad sex publicity that has gone down. Heh!