Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Any Day Is A Great Day To Raise Taxes" And The Mythology Spread By Karl Rove

Uncle Karl's been very busy over the last few days. If you are brave enough, you can listen to his speech delivered in support of Tom Reynolds (caught in the Foley scandal, btw) the other day. The speech is littered with the usual references to Nine Eleven, WW II, and all sorts of heroic behavior they suggest they've perpetrated.

In it, he's on full spin mode and even suggests we buy a book of the written by Osama Bin Laden (Message to the World). Now if you ask me, any one at that level of the government that advocates that we read the messages of OBL is delivering the devil to our doorstep. Who is serving whom?

You have to ask how much of the speech is myth and pure fabrication. For people who are openly abject to speaking about hypothetical situations, Rove and his pals sure are prone to soothsaying and prophesizing about the future should the Dems win in November. Garry Trudeau has a fantastic comic strip this Sunday that identifies their strategy quite plainly.

Watch for Rove's hand in the spin and attempt to control the debate by dishing the usual dualistic rhetoric where one side is not viable and selling it as the Dems desires. It's plain, it's real, and it's divisive. And that's the point:
This week, Rove and his staff will turn to their endgame.

They will oversee a mobilization of political employees from Cabinet agencies, Capitol Hill and lobbying firms — many of them skilled campaign veterans — to more than a dozen battleground states. Many will act as "marshals," supervising the "72-hour plan" developed by Rove in 2001 with Ken Mehlman, the former White House political director who now heads the Republican National Committee
By the way, just one small question Uncle Karl, if I may: What's the difference between taxing us today and growing our debt to pay for the Iraq war? The latter are just taxes deferred. The former if more fiscally responsible and your way doesn't seem remotely conservative whatsoever.

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