Friday, October 27, 2006

Is The Policy of "Isolation" A Viable Means Of Diplomacy?

Today, the President confirmed that he does not learn history's lessons and tends to only repeat his past mistakes as well as those of his predecessors. W's posturing today leaves me with one question: Is a policy of "isolation" a viable means of diplomacy?

Certainly, we have seen that W's rhetorical bullying and threats of "isolation" doesn't seem to work, does it?

It didn't get Saddam to cooperate and look what that brought us. It hasn't stopped Korea from testing their weapons. It hasn't changed Cuba. What makes him think it will work when dealing with Iran?
Q Thank you, sir. What does it say to you that Iran is doubling its enrichment capacity?

THE PRESIDENT: It says to me that we must double our effort to work with the international community to persuade the Iranians that there is only isolation from the world if they continue working forward on such a program. And I've read the speculation about that that's what they may be doing, but whether they've doubled it or not, the idea of Iran having a nuclear weapon is unacceptable, and it's unacceptable to the United States and it's unacceptable to nations we're working with in the United Nations to send a common message.

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Anonymous said...

Pistachio nuts

Iran has lots of pistachios. We should buy them. That would put the Iranian nut lobby in our pocket so to speak.

Why do we love China? Why does China love us? Trade!

No one makes war on their customers.