Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Violence Rather Than Less: Seems Counter Intuitive If You Listen To The President

I might be wrong to feel this way, but when the president says things like the following, I get very disgusted and feel like there is no way at all to win the war in Iraq the current way we are fighting it. Have a look at another snip from yet another Presidential Radio Address (that no one seems to listen to, so why do we spend the cash to have him do them?):
There are a number of reasons for this increase in violence. One reason is that Coalition and Iraqi forces have been conducting focused operations to bring security to Baghdad.
This is a lot like when there is a serious round up of bad guys and the terror level goes up instead of down. It seems counter intuitive. Shouldn't there be less violence if they are conducting more "focused operations?"


Neil Shakespeare said...

By the same logic then (i.e. if violence goes up when you send in more troops), if we removed all our troops there would be instant peace!

isabelita said...

Well, as some wise ass hippy feller used to say,"Nothing hard was ever easy!"