Monday, July 17, 2006

Toss 'Em Down The Toilet Or Save Some Lives With Research: Being "Pro-life" Means What?

Hot debate on the floor of Congress, if you dare slap on CSPAN for any duration is the whole controversy surrounding stem cell research. Correct me if I am wrong, but the reason why I would rather read the text of these speeches is that I can skim versus being bored silly watching the proverbial paint dry.

Furthermore, waching congressional (and any, for that matter) politicos in action exacerbates the feeling for me, that I am so getting screwed by paying these people to do what they do with my hard earned tax dollars.  But that is a whole other post.

Windspike's Questions du jour are thus:
  • First, should we toss the unused stem cell sources down the toilet or use them in future research that could possibly save lives or make some bad lives better?

  • Secondly, which of the above options proves that you are pro-life?

  • Explain/discuss


Anonymous said...

...I am so getting screwed by paying these people to do what they do with my hard earned tax dollars.

And nothing drives that point home harder than watching them speechify to an empty chamber.

(Sorry for not addressing the point you raise. I'm all in favor of stem-cell research, and for me there is nothing to debate.)

isabelita said...

Likewise with me. Actually, if there were anything worth harvesting, I'd say we go after the brains of the US leaders.

Anonymous said...

Considering the relative ease with which embryos are discarded ...

... the more interesting question is whether or not himself, George W. Bush, will cast his first veto.

Prediction: George Bush will issue Social Security numbers to 18-year-old embryos registering Republican. ''If Democrats can vote the dead, we can vote the frozen.''

glenda said...

next, we will be expected to save our fingernal clippings, because, after all, you could clone a baby from them.

Oh, wait, I forgot- cloning babies bad, embryonic babies good! It all gets so confusing when one is dealing with dictates from the Biblical teachings, and now I'm wondering, where in the Bible this issue is defined or addressed anyway?

Anonymous said...


I began life as a frozen embryo. The Petri dish was confining so I moved on. Thanks be to God for mother nature.

USA, perfect since 1954

House OKs Bill Guarding Pledge From Courts, Washington Post, July 20, 2006. Supporters in the House argued that the "under God" phrase, added to the pledge in 1954, must be protected from unelected judges. 'One nation, under God'

pissed off patricia said...

Glenda, I believe it's addressed in the book of Rove. I'll quote it as best I can remember. Thou shalt do whatever the hell thou needth to do in order to keepth thou base voting Republican. Yea, even tellth the public bull shit-th.