Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kenny Boy Slips Through The Mighty Fingers Of Justice

In case you haven't already heard, Ken Lay died. Heart attack. Slipping through the fingers of justice, no doubt, Lay skates swiftly across the river Styx to the gates of hell for an extended stay anxiously awaiting the arrival of his pals in the W, Rove and Co.

Any conspiracy theorists care to wager if Kenny Boy was offed to stop people from making a stronger connection between Enron and the Whitehouse? Remember, the State of California asked the W, Rove and Co to step in and stop the price gouging, and W said he couldn't do it....hmmmmm...


enigma4ever said...

The shocker was that he actually had a Heart?
who are they trying to kid ?
gee I wonder if he spilled any beans on the way out the door ?

frstlymil said...

We were speculating at work that it was either suicide or perhaps a conveniently induced heart attack to keep him from going all chicken before prison and implicating anyone else (of note). A heart attack at 64 isn't unheard of - but the timing is rather fabulous.