Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Frustration, Presidential Style

I had a good laugh over this fun paragraph coming out of Tony the Snow-job as he was aboard AFOne on the junket to the G8 (more taxpayer dollars out the window on W's behalf, btw):
Q Was the President frustrated, too?

MR. SNOW: No, the President doesn't give into frustration. To be frustrated is to waste your time stomping and fuming, and when you're President of the United States your chief objective is to get things done. So as the facts on the ground change, you try to figure out proper ways to get people working in concert to get the result you desire.
I don't know why I found this so humerous, but I'm still laughing. Should I be in tears instead?

Oh, and I found another fun and humorous set of sentences also from the same press gaggle:
Q Speaking of Russia, 14 months ago the President visited with President Putin in Russia. What's changed from then? Should President Bush still trust President Putin? We haven't had reforms that we'd like to see, some things haven't been done. What's changed in 14 months?

MR. SNOW: That's a gigantic question and it also happens to be unanswerable, but let me try to reshape it a little bit.

President Bush and President Putin still maintain a friendship. They also have made it clear that they have their own interests and that their chief obligation is to their publics. And so President Bush and President Putin I think have a very clear understanding of the ways in which they operate and how they can work together. And I think they're going to work very hard to get constructive results. I think it's important to President Putin to have a successful summit. We would like to help him have a successful summit.

But to try to encapsulate, oh, I don't know, in a gaggle what's gone on in the last 14 months is beyond my powers.
"Beyond his powers?" That's a good one. I love it. New and improved tools for dodging questions.

By the way, what are the poor folks having for dinner this eve?
Q Has the President ever had wild boar, as far as you know? Apparently that's going to be part of the barbecue in Germany.

MR. SNOW: No, nor do I know if he's going to be called upon to catch it. (Laughter.)

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