Sunday, July 09, 2006

My First Opinion

For those who regularly read this blog, you may not have noticed that I have started another. Maybe I have fallen into blog abyss. On the other hand, maybe I have found a new way to do it. Here's the first opinion I posted there: Thanks to Jim Joiner at the An Average American Patriot for tossing this one into the hopper.

Setting the stage:

Jim said...
Opinions are like assholes, every body has got one. The trouble is when you are both an asshole and opinionated.
One dollar's worth of Windspike's Opinion:
Indeed, it is problematical if you have or some one you know has a proclivity to open two sphincters simultaneously. One should really practice and try to use only one orifice at a time. Exercising both ends at the same time may shroud an otherwise decent opinion in some serious stink. Moreover, the receivers of said opinion most likely will remember only the shit you stirred up and left behind. The opinion is almost always overpowered (and not in an olfactory way) by the asshole.

1 comment:

Kvatch said...

You need a tagline. Like "Hints from Helouise" but with more panache. How about "Wisdom from Windspike"?