Monday, July 03, 2006

P.S. Pakistan Loves Our F-16s

In case you missed this, it looks like we need to chalk up another victory for the war-time profiteers:
On June 28 the Administration notified the U.S. Congress of its intent to sell F-16 aircraft to Pakistan. The proposed sale includes 18 new F-16 aircraft with an option to purchase another 18 new aircraft, a support package for up to 26 used F-16s, a munitions package, an upgrade package for Pakistan's current fleet of 34 F-16s, and logistical support.

Pakistan is a Major Non-NATO Ally, which has cooperated closely with us in the Global War on Terror. This proposed sale demonstrates our commitment to a long-term relationship with Pakistan. The proposed package is valued at approximately $5 billion. The Administration has been consulting with Congress on this sale since the spring of 2005.
Hmmm, any quess how much of that 5 billion will trickle down to US Taxpayers? What about the moral and ethical issues of selling superior war fighting machines to folks whom we can question as to whether they are doing all they can in the fight against terrorists, not to mention their antagonistic relationship with India?

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