Saturday, July 08, 2006

The President Contradicts Himself Again: Predicting the Future Is Like...

Americans are living in times of great hope and great opportunity. By keeping our taxes low, keeping our country competitive, and keeping this a welcoming nation, we will add to our prosperity, and we will create a better America for future generations.
Again, simply because the president says it's so doesn't turn a correlation a causal relationship:
No one can predict every turn in the months ahead, and I certainly don't expect the process to be trouble-free
This leads me to...drum roll please...

Windspike's Weekend Sentence Completion Contest:

  • Finish this sentence:
  • "Predicting the future with the president is like..."

Winners recieve honor and recognition from the entire blogisphere.

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isabelita said...

" a Magic Eight Ball."

SheaNC said...

Predicting the future with the president is like...

...easy in the sense that he has damaged the country so severely that the next fifty years, at least, will be spent trying to recover from the mind-boggling level of destruction visited upon us by his vile administration, and

...not so easy in the sense that, just when you think that there is nothing more they could possibly do to harm the country or the world, they surprise us with yet more examples of wholesale evil.