Friday, July 07, 2006

The Doctor Is In

Well, after listening to my spouse tell me that I squander too much time blogging, I decided to see if I can make a buck doing it. I have opened a little side blog and have already proven that I can (one dollar earned so far, thanks to Jim Joiner over at An Average American Patriot). If you are looking for an opinion on a particular situation or scenareo or problem, I would be happy to review your story and give you an opinion. I figure a buck is about all it's worth, but you can feel free to contribute more if you believe my opinion is worth a bit more. Here's how I set it up on the first post to this location:
Here's what I'm thinking. First, my spouse has been yammering on at me for spending way too much time blogging. Moreover, she has always told me that I have an opinion about everything. I thought, hey, what better way to make a dollar than by selling my opinion.

So, here's how "The Doctor Is In works. You send me an email for which you describe whatever it is that you would like my opinion on. You send me a buck, via pay pal - see right column and click the paypal button to do so. I review your case and give you my opinion via a post at this location. The rest of the world can view both your situation/dilemma/problem/curiosity and my opinion and then chime in.

I don't claim to be giving out psychiatric advice, direction, or even a good solution to very practical problems. But what I will do is give you my opinion; naked and honest. What you choose to do with my opinion is your own responsibility.


SheaNC said...

That is absolutely and totally fucking brilliant. I am in awe.

So, in a shameless display of my lack of creativity coupled with a generous propensity to "borrow" from my influences (a rock-n-roll thing), I plan to copy you at the nearest opportunity.

Opine on!

windspike said...


The proof is in the pudding, no? So far, I've made one dollar on my "The Doctor is In" location. Of course, I haven't done much if any marketing.

Good luck with your venture.