Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let's Have A Look At What The President Is Smoking Today

A little of this:
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thanks for coming. The White House is the people's house, and I'm here to talk about the people's money. We're glad you're here. As you know, every year my administration produces a budget that lays out our priorities and our goals. And every summer the Office of Management and Budget releases a report called the Mid-Session Review that tells the American people how much progress we're making towards meeting our fiscal goals.
And, A little bit of that:
We also said, let's just be patient about solving this federal deficit; we're not going to take money out of your pocket; let's grow our way out of it; let's keep -- let's set priorities when it comes to spending, and keep the people's taxes low, and these revenues will catch up into our Treasury, and they have. And we're reducing that federal deficit, through the people's hard work and the wise policies in Washington, D.C.
And, some more of that:
Today is a good day for the American taxpayer. Tax relief is working, the economy is growing, revenues are up, the deficit is down, and all across this great land, Americans are realizing their dreams and building better futures for their families.


Anonymous said...

Today is a good day for the American taxpayer. Tax relief is working...

More appropriately, the uptick in the economy and corporate profits are doing what they usually do, add to the tax base. Tax relief ain't got nuthin' to do with it.

isabelita said...

Perhaps El Shrubbo had a particularly power cannibas enema...