Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Imagine If Your Child Was Kidnapped By A Foreign Country

The president's handlers put in front of the foreign press today. They were very easy on the man and sidetracked by the W's favorite topic (himeself, turning 60) on a number of occasions. But, imagine this: The Shrubmeister trys to portray himself as a grand humanitarian but fails to look in the Gitmo mirror:
You know, one of the most moving moments of my presidency came when the young -- when the mother of -- young daughter was kidnapped by the North Koreans. Imagine. Anybody got children here? Imagine if some foreign nation ordered your child to be kidnapped, just removed. And never -- they never heard from the girl again. They went -- she was telling me, she was wondering whether she was murdered, and they searched everywhere. It's unbelievable, isn't it? It turns out that they believe that she was in North Korea, a regime that just felt like there was no accountability and no regard for human rights, and just took this young child.

So the mother was sitting there in the Oval Office with me. It was incredibly emotional. After all these years, she still felt this pain in her heart. And my point is, is that there's a better way forward than that, to live in a society like that. And the choice is his to make, in North Korea's case. I hope he makes the right choice. It's important for all of us to continue to make that very clear. If he chooses the other way, he'll be isolated and his people won't benefit.

Okay. Thank you all. I enjoyed it.
Sure, the folks are grown individuals, but some are innocent and certainly, they have parents (if they were not already killed in Iraq) that care about them.


isabelita said...

Oh, for crying-fucking-out-loud. More non sequitorious blather from the blatherer-in-chief.
I cannot begin to express my absolute loathing and hatred for Bush.
What did he "enjoy" about this? That he got a chance to pretend he has some kind of emotional affect whatsoever? GOOD FUCKING GRIEF I DESPISE THIS FUCKWITTED PIECE OF SHIT.
Thanks, I enjoyed that.

windspike said...

Glad I could provide a space for you to vent. Blog on sister. Blog on.

isabelita said...

Sigh. This country is becoming a fetid sinkhole.