Wednesday, July 05, 2006

To Whom Does The "Decider" Go For Permission To Make A Decision?

I was finishing up my coffee this AM and heard an interesting interview of Jane Mayer (New Yorker Magazine) conducted by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. They were talking about a man who's name I had not heard before - one David Addington. In an article that is in print as of yesterday, but not on line just yet (at least not those who haven't paid for a subscription like myself),Mayer exposes the "Hidden Power" that drives all decisions directly through the Vice President's office. In particular, she fingers Addington as the brains and yes man that has liberally deployed the stamp of legal approval of all things illicitly executed by the W, Rove and Co.

Yes, indeed, David Addington - a lawyer who was never elected by any person to serve us - was appointed by the Big Dick Cheney (and their relationship goes way back to the days when they actively supported the Vietnam War) to assuage the W, Rove and Co.'s collective conscience (if they have one)because David has a propensity to think through, design,circumvent the legalities and rationalize things like Gitmo.

My bet is that the American people have no knowledge of who this man is and what damage he has done to our Constitutionally chartered system of government. I suggest that we in the blogisphere rectify this problem and do as much as possible to expose this man (apparently no picture has been published of this man, nor has he ever been interviewed for the record). Much like Uncle Karl, Addinton has his tentacles in many a problem, but his fingerprints are hard to find on anything. Slippery beasts.

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