Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Ease With Which One Finds Hypocricy Is Astounding

I have oft pointed to the hypocritical statments and actions perpetrated by the "right,"and in particular their favorite players in the W, Rove and Co. But, again, we find at least three examples where the president commits such rhetorical suicide in almost as many short paragraph. Have a look and let's see if you come up with the same ones as me:
PRESIDENT BUSH: -- a lot of time talking about security, and I can understand why. Because there's -- there are people who are willing to destroy innocent life to achieve a political objective. And the Prime Minister is deeply concerned about the lives of his fellow citizens. And I appreciate that concern. I would be very worried if a Prime Minister came to talk about his country and did not mention, first and foremost, protecting people's lives. That's, after all, the most important responsibility of government.

And he believes, and I believe, that the -- there needs to be more forces inside Baghdad who are willing to hold people to account. In other words, if you find somebody who's kidnapping and murdering, the murderer ought to be held to account. It ought to be clear in society that that kind of behavior is not tolerated.

And that's the attitude of the Prime Minister. My attitude is, we shouldn't try to gauge whether or not someone is justified, or not; we ought to be saying that if you murder, you're responsible for your actions. And I think the Iraqi people appreciate that type of attitude.

And so we -- so we're not only talking about adjusting a Baghdad plan at the Prime Minister's request, to make it more effective, we're also talking about how to make the Iraqi army more effective. But the truth of the matter is, the Iraqi army is becoming a highly professional force that will help bring confidence to the people inside Iraq that the government has got the capacity to protect them.
I'll post my examples in a bit as a comment to this post, but I am curious to see what you come up with first...have at it.


Anonymous said...

Following George Washington's example

(On the link) PRIME MINISTER MALIKI: I agreed with the President to form a joint committee of experts and connections in order to achieve the self-sufficiency for the Iraqi forces.

enigma4ever said...

Anytime anyone within 10 feet says this word "Experts" I run as fast I can....

glenda said...

so is he talking about himself in relation to being willing to destroy to achieve objectives!

Anonymous said...

Because there's -- there are people who are willing to destroy innocent life to achieve a political objective.

Israel? The United States? England? I'm confused.