Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three Questions When Considering If Republicans Can Actually Lead This Country

1) Given - McSame suspended his campaign to help get the bail out legislation passed.
2) Given - George Bush wanted this bail out to pass and made a desperate plea to the people by shoveling more fear at us (read: the sky is falling, or the boy who cried wolf - your choice). By default we know that he should have been leading the vote gathering on all sides of the isles.
3) Given - Republicans in charge crafted the plan.
4) Given - There was compromise on the original three page Paulson blank check plan.
5) Given - The plan did not pass.

Question - If the Republican leadership cannot lead their own party members to vote for a plan they think is the only reasonable option, how can they lead the country that has been deeply divided by the W, Rove and Co over the last eight years?

And another thing, this is just some wild thinking on my part: Perhaps this economic situation is what bin Laden was hoping for when they ran the planes into the Trade Center. They knew that GWB would fuck things up so bad fighting the paper tiger in Iraq and that it would lead to further economic calamity.

No one could have guessed that there would be a proposal for a 700 billion dollar blank check to bail out the people who made bad bets in the financial markets. How are we to know that this is the right solution if we cannot define what it will solve. If we buy into the GOP Driven madness, we may be playing directly into bin Laden's hands, much like everything GWB has done.

Who would have thought four airplanes in 2001 would have led to such repercussions. If we make the move to accept a 700 billion dollar bail out, perhaps we will see what bin Laden was hoping for - a complete financial melt down of the American way of life.

Question - Would bailing out Wall Street actually solve the problem or fall right into the trap the terrorists hoped for when they ran their planes into the WTC and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania?

It seems to me that much like Luke Skywalker needs Darth Vadar, George Bush and the Republicans need bin Laden. With out the fear, there is no there there.

Question - Should we follow a party that predicates their every move based on fear?

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