Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slogans The McSame/Palin Campaign Pitched Because They Were Too Close To The Truth

I was out on my run this AM and some one had chalked a slogan across the pathway critical of the GOP - something to the affect: "The Republican Rape Continues."

Then I got to thinking...there must be some really good slogans out there that the McSame/Palin campaign pitched because, while pithy, were too close to the truth to use, and I got on a roll. So, I thought I would toss this out there as...Drum Roll Please....

Windspike's GOP Slogan Challenge

Come up with a pithy one liner that the GOP should be using if they were honest brokers of the truth and open about what they really stood for. Think of it this way: If you were to craft a slogan one-liner that accurately reflects what the GOP has come to mean to you over these last 8 years, what would it be?

I'll start, and you comment away....

1 - Bail Outs For Us, Foreclosures for you.

2 - Your Tax Dollars Put To Work Making The Rich Richer

3 - Social Welfare for Iraq, Screw America

4 - Just Say Yes To No Bid Contracts

5 - Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps, It's Not Our Fault If You Have No Boots

6 - Screw The Economy, Blame The Dems

7 - Sending Your Sons And Daughters To The Slaughter To Feed The Wartime Profiteer Machine

8 - My Judges Are Right, Yours Are Activists

9 - GOP: The Anti-intellect

10 - Your Elitist If I Have To Use A Dictionary To Understand You

11 - Your College Degree Doesn't Mean Your Qualified

12 - I'm Qualified If I Believe I Am

13 - Leadership By Faith, Not Facts

14 - Trust Us, Because I Said So

15 - If You Trust Us With Iraq, You Can Trust Us With 700 Billion

16 - 700 Billion Dollars For Corporate America: Nothing For your Neighborhood Schools.

You get the idea...these things just keep pouring out of my keyboard.

Have fun and have at it...

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